7 advantages of digital printing for nutraceutical labels

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Finding the right label supplier and selecting the most appropriate print method can be challenging for any brand. For those in the nutraceutical space, it can be particularly difficult. Contending with shifting regulatory standards, multiple packaging formats, and an increasing consumer desire for variety can make it hard for brands to economically and efficiently get their products to market. That’s where digital printing comes in. It’s a print-on-demand program well-positioned to help vitamin and dietary supplement brands achieve their printed packaging goals. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of digital printing for nutraceutical labels.

7 benefits of digital printing for vitamins and dietary supplements:

Keep pace with SKU proliferation

One of the hallmarks of the nutraceutical market is the sheer number of choices available. Whether it’s new flavors or formulations, today’s consumers demand more variety. This demand has led to an explosion of SKUs, placing pressure on brands to produce a broad portfolio of products in smaller quantities.

If you’re a supplement brand with a growing number of SKUs, digital print might be the right fit for you. Not only is it more efficient and economical for short runs, but it also allows you to take advantage of variable content. Variable content enables you to easily change graphics from version to version or incorporate print personalization for increased shelf appeal.

Furthermore, if your labels are the same size, digital allows you to combine multiple SKUs into one order. Doing so increases your overall order quantity and drives down the cost per label, saving you money.

Easily respond to ingredient changes

The amount and type of information required on a nutraceutical label can change rapidly from a product re-formulation or evolving FDA regulations.

Whether a single ingredient adjustment or a disclosure requiring more detail, digital printing allows for on-the-fly graphic changes. This way, brands can easily change their artwork and re-submit for printing within days.

Reduce inventory obsolescence

Compared to more traditional print methods with higher MOQs, digital allows you to print exactly what you need. With custom order sizes, you can easily map your print runs to meet your inventory needs on slow and fast movers.

Custom order sizes are particularly beneficial for vitamins and dietary supplement brands that must contend with changing regulations. Rather than being stuck with obsolete labels due to an unexpected ingredient or text change, only print what you need to meet current demand. Doing so allows for better cash flow and inventory control.

Quickly comply with FDA regulations with faster speed-to-market

When trying to comply with FDA regulations, you don’t always have time to wait on new printing plates to get your labels out the door. Luckily, digital printing for nutraceutical labels allows you to make quick adjustments to your artwork. In turn, shortening your time-to-market to a matter of days and more efficiently complying with nutritional requirements.

Increase shelf appeal with photo-quality graphics and print personalization

The nutraceutical market is full of choices. When selecting a protein powder or multivitamin gummy, consumers are not only choosing a specific flavor but, more importantly, a brand name. And there are a lot. So how can brands stand out on the shelf?

Using digital print to incorporate photo-quality graphics is one way. Unlike flexo, digital can effortlessly produce complex graphics. Try including a high-quality image of an orange on your Vitamin-C label to use this to your advantage. Rather than getting lost in the sea of text-heavy labels, your supplement label will stand out and draw the consumer’s eye. With easy versioning, you can extend this concept to your entire product line, refreshing all your labels with high-resolution images.

Another way to create compelling labels and packaging is through variable content. Also known as variable data, this includes text, images, QR codes, sequential numbers, or barcode serialization, that change from label to label. This level of print personalization helps increase engagement and grow brand awareness by creating a memorable experience.

Customized protein powder blends and personalized daily vitamin packs are currently trending. Why? These brands capitalize on the buyer’s feeling when they receive a finished product with their name and unique blend information on the label. Some take it one step further, including a QR code linked to a personalized message. These nutraceutical brands utilized variable data to deliver this clever approach. That’s the kind of brand stickiness that digital print can drive.

Get a press proof on your actual material

Unsure how your design will print or want to explore a new material? In either case, a digital press proof will provide a good indication of what the final printed piece will look like. Digital print makes the proofing process much more affordable, as it doesn’t incur the same setup costs associated with traditional print methods. Digital printing for nutraceuticals provides a more cost-effective way to ensure all your text, graphics, and colors come out as expected before going into an entire production run. If you don’t like what you see, simply tweak your art file and send it back.

Open the door to larger runs and format opportunities with wide web digital printing

If your run sizes have outgrown narrow web, but you aren’t yet ready to invest in the startup cost of flexo, wide web digital printing offers the perfect bridge to continue expanding your product line. It provides three times more output than a standard, narrow web digital print platform. This capacity allows you to continue growing without sacrificing the flexibility of digital and unlimited revision changes.

Moreover, labels that were previously too large to run on a 13” narrow web press can be run wide web. The 30” web width is ideal for extending all the benefits of digital to products such as larger shrink sleeves for rigid containers, large-format pressure sensitive labels for protein powders, as well as smaller run stand-up pouches.

When selecting the most appropriate print method for your project, there are many factors to consider. Given the unique challenges facing many nutraceutical brands, including shorter runs, regulatory and ingredient changes, and increased competition on the shelf, digital printing for nutraceutical labels is often a popular choice. It is vital to find a print partner who understands these challenges and can adapt to your business as it grows. Whether that’s accommodating longer runs or breaking into a new packaging format like flexible packaging, we have the expertise and capabilities to help you in your journey from start to finish.

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