Is contract manufacturing or packaging right for you?

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Perhaps you’ve just launched a new supplement brand, and it’s flying off the shelves. Or maybe you’re exploring a new product line or packaging format. There’s no doubt about it, significant growth can come with many challenges. You’re used to going through the manufacturing process alone, but does that mean you have to?

Enter contract packagers and manufacturers. Whether you’re a small, up-and-coming brand or a more established one, outsourcing to these partners can save time and money scaling your nutraceutical business.

What are contract manufacturers and co-packers?

Contract manufacturing is the production of goods by a third party. If a company cannot produce its goods in-house, it can outsource to a contract manufacturer. A contract packager — or co-packer — is a third party that assembles a product or good into its final, primary packaging.

These types of partnerships can prove invaluable for brands of all sizes. 

Why partner with contract manufacturers or co-packers for vitamins and supplements?

Lower overhead costs 

Production facilities, staffing, materials, and equipment are all expensive. Contract manufacturers and co-packers have already made these upfront investments to produce or package your finished product, so you don’t have to. Partnering with these companies eliminates the need to invest in raw materials and equipment, freeing up cash flow to spend elsewhere.

Nowhere is this more important than for startups and small businesses that often need more money and resources to package or manufacture independently. In this case, contract manufacturers help level the playing field so small brands can compete against larger competitors. 

Access to industry expertise 

Good supplement co-packers and contract manufacturers have experienced engineering teams and access to advanced technology and automation tools. Their technical expertise can help guide brands efficiently through material selection, application methods, and processes. 

There are many co-packers and contract manufacturers dedicated to servicing specific industries such as nutraceuticals. This focus allows these companies to develop niche ingredients, product formats, and packaging solutions — improving your product portfolio.

Improves quality 

Contract manufacturers and co-packers for vitamins and supplements usually have rigorous quality controls in place to meet regulatory standards. With their industry-specific knowledge and experience dealing with similar products day in and day out, these companies are better at spotting quality issues before they even arise. The result is a more consistent, high-quality product. 

Saves time, so you can focus on what you do best

One of the most noteworthy things co-packers and contract manufacturers do is save you time. By taking packaging supply chain activities off your plate, you’re free to focus on marketing, branding, and other sales aspects.

Reduces your physical footprint

Let’s face it — producing consumer goods requires space. From storing the necessary materials to make your product — to housing the packaging lines needed to convert and fill it — space is a limiting factor for many small brands. Outsourcing to a contract manufacturer or co-packer reduces the square footage you’ll need to run your operation. 

Peace of mind 

Many nutraceutical brands struggle with meeting a wide array of regulations and certifications — including Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), SQF, and ISO 9001:2015 — aimed at food safety and quality. The certification process can be overwhelming for many brands. Partnering with reputable co-packers and contract manufacturers who have already undergone the certification process can provide peace of mind, knowing that they follow all regulations.  

Think a co-packer might be right for you, but don’t know where to start? Let us help.

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