Flexible packaging

Due to its lightweight construction and ease of use, flexible packaging is rapidly growing in popularity. Pre-made pouches and specialty bags are convenient and portable, making them ideal for food, nutraceutical, personal care, beauty, and pet care products. 

Is flexible packaging right for your brand?

Versatile and purpose-made, flexible packaging is ideal for a wide range of products. Pouches and bags are easily customized and formed into the shape, size, or format needed for your product — allowing you to produce unique packaging that meets your customers’ needs. Furthermore, flexible packaging will enable you to break the mold on rigid jars, bottles, and boxes to maximize impact on the shelf. 

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Lightweight package reduces shipping costs, storage space and carbon footprint.

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Keeps oxygen and moisture out, maintaining freshness and reducing spoilage.

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Recyclable and sustainable material options to reduce your environmental impact.

Packaging solutions that meet your needs

Our portfolio of sustainable flexible packaging includes roll stock, stand up pouches, zip-top pouches, non-reclosable pouches, and specialty bags. We use various materials to create these flexible packaging formats, including PET, metalized PET, polyethylene (PE), aluminum, and cosmetic webs. In addition, we offer Store Drop-off recyclable PE and post-consumer recycled (PCR) film materials.

Our pouches and bags are completely customizable — we’ll work with you to create a package that meets your exact specifications. 

roll stock material for pillow pouches, packets, sachets and lay flat pouches. roll stock for stick packs and snack wraps

Roll stock

Ideal for brands or co-packers with fill, form, and seal (FFS) equipment. Unformed material.

various reclosable flexible packaging pouches. stand up pouch with clear window and zipper. zip top pouch with clear window. stand up pouch with powder resistant zipper and tear notch. zip top pouch for medical use

Reclosable pouches

Designed for multiple uses. Formats include stand-up pouches and zip-top pouches.

various non-reclosable flexible packaging pouches. 3-sided seal pouch with metalized film hang holes and tear notch. pillow pouch with metalized film. pillow pouch with clear film.

Non-reclosable pouches

Ideal for one-time use. Formats include 2- and 3-sided pouches and pillow pouches.

Specialty bags

Specialty formats include poly mailer shipping bags, wicketed and medical bags.

End-to-end manufacturing

We take rolls of film – in a variety of materials, gauges and widths – and manufacture them into roll stock, pre-made pouches, and custom bags. From printing to converting, we have everything needed to customize your packaging in-house. We are SQF Accredited for the manufacturing of food packaging.

Step 1: Printing
Our digital and flexographic print platforms can handle anything from simple line work to complex process jobs with picture-perfect precision. Our print platforms meet the rising demand for faster lead times and shorter runs.
Step 2: Laminating
High-quality lamination is the key to creating films with barriers to oxygen, moisture, flavor, and aroma. Our laminations can be customized based on the needs of your packaging project. We use the latest adhesive best practices and modern lamination equipment to minimize waste and further reduce our carbon footprint.
Step 3: Precision slitting
During our precision slitting process, a large master roll is cut down to its final width. We can modify the width of these rolls to your exact specifications. Our slitters can accommodate up to a 60” web, on either 3” or 6” cores. Most importantly, we ensure good winds, proper tension, and clean edges to help filling equipment run more smoothly.
Step 4: Converting
After we’ve printed, laminated, and slit your film, the final step in our process is conversion. As a leading converter of flexible packaging, we produce many styles of pre-made stand-up pouches and specialty bags. Above all, we ensure quality throughout the entire process and stand behind our work.
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Learn more about our special pricing programs

We offer program pricing for poly mailers, and premium roll stock.

Explore flexible packaging features

Perfect for on-the-go and ready-to-use products, flexible packaging has become synonymous with convenience for today’s consumers. Our sustainable flexible packaging solutions help strengthen our customer’s brand and recognition. 

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Special pricing programs

Roll stock

Ships in 7 business days
  • No MOQ
  • Full-color digital printing
  • No fixed sizes
  • 6 materials to choose from

Custom printed
poly mailers

Ships in 3 weeks
  • Low MOQ
  • Full-color 2-sided printing
  • 2 sizes to choose from
  • Store drop-off recyclable


We offer a wide range of laminations and materials. Our most common film laminations include:

  • PET/PE
  • Metalized PET/PE
  • Cosmetic web – silver/white

We also offer sustainable laminations, including PE/PE, which can incorporate barrier properties. Although these are our most common laminations, custom laminations are available to suit your needs. 

Features we can add to flexible packaging include:

  • press-to-close zippers, sliders, and child-resistant closures
  • tear notches
  • hang holes – round and sombrero
  • vent hang holes
  • double cut
  • rounded corners
  • custom seals
  • transparent or clouded windows

We offer gloss, matte, and soft touch matte finishes. These can be flood varnishes (covering the entire design) or spot varnishes (on certain areas of the design). With our digital capabilities, spot varnishes can also be variable.

Today, flexible packaging is not curbside (bluebin) recyclable in the US. But, you can recycle all-PE flexible packaging with the How2Recycle® label at Store Drop-off recycling locations. Most major grocery stores have drop-off locations.

When creating recyclable packaging, it’s important to keep the recycling process in mind. It’s easier for reprocessors to recycle mono-material, all-PE flexible packaging.

To support this demand, we offer mono-material PE/PE laminations and PE monolayer pouches that are Store Drop-off recyclable. We are members of How2Recycle and the films we use are pre-approved for use.

If a recyclable option is not right for your brand, we also offer compostable, bio-based, and recycled content laminations to help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Yes, our Northbrook, IL site has been SQF Accredited since 2019. 

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