Pressure sensitive labels

One of the most popular labeling methods in the world, pressure sensitive labels (PSLs) are compatible with almost any container shape or product type. Our numerous material options offer unlimited possibilities to enhance your brand and products. 

Are pressure sensitive labels right for your brand?

Pressure sensitive labels are cost-effective and fully customizable, creating vibrant packaging that disrupts any market. As indicated in the name, pressure sensitive labels adhere to a surface with pressure. Because they stick without water, solvents, or heat, these labels easily apply by hand or machine applicator.

Young woman browses store shelf. She has shopping basket full of healthy food items

Wide range of materials designed to complement any container shape and size.

two cans of beer with pressure sensitive labels

Constructions that withstand challenging and harsh environments.

Two clear plastic bottles labeled with sustainable pressure sensitive labels

Recyclable and sustainable material options to reduce your environmental impact.

Solutions that meet your needs

We have an extensive portfolio of sustainable pressure sensitive label solutions. It includes custom product labels, extended content and promotional labels, functional labels, and blank labels. These constructions are available in many materials, including white, clear, or metalized films, paper, and wine stocks. To promote a circular economy, we offer APR Recognized, recycle-friendly wash-off labels. We also offer bio-based and post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials to reduce your carbon footprint. 

collection of custom product labels for brand labels, embellished labels, full wrap labels, squeezable labels, large format labels, and no-label look

Custom product labels

Create vibrant packaging. Formats include front and back labels for rigid to squeezable containers.  

collection of extended content multi-ply labels and booklet labels

Extended content + promotional labels

Engage customers and add extra space. Formats include peel-and-reveal labels, booklets, and coupons.


Functional labels

Boost the functionality of your packaging. Formats include resealable, “peel-and-reseal”  labels.

Blank labels

Print your labels yourself. Blank label formats include roll labels, fanfold labels, and sheet labels.

Our label manufacturing process

We take rolls of film and paper – in a wide variety of materials, gauges and widths – and manufacture them into custom product labels, extended content and promotional labels, and functional labels. From printing to converting, we have everything needed to complete this process in-house.

Step 1: Printing
Once approved, your label begins production. Our digital and flexographic print platforms can handle anything from simple line work to complex process jobs with picture-perfect precision. Depending on the print platform, we will also apply specialty embellishments like foils, screens, and varnishes during this step. Our print platforms are positioned to meet the rising demand for faster lead-times and shorter runs.
Step 2: Embellishments
Depending on the print platform, some embellishments may be added to your label off-line on specialty machines. We can print embellishments digitally, or even variably, which can change the embellishment size, shape, or location on every label.
Step 3: Die cutting
After the printing process, the printed material enters the die cut stage where it is cut into your specified label shape. We die cut using traditional rotary dies, or by using a digital laser cutter, which offers a tool-less method that can achieve multiple special shapes in one roll. During this stage, we also strip the matrix.
Step 4: Slitting and finishing
After die cutting, we slit master rolls into smaller rolls, one label wide. We then wind the labels onto the core size that you specify in your finishing specs.
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Explore features + capabilities

With unlimited design possibilities, let your product shine with sustainable pressure sensitive labels.

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Blank labels for all your printing needs

Need stock blank labels for on-demand printing of shipping, barcode, weight, or product identification labels? Whatever your project, we have you covered.


We offer a wide range of face stocks, paired with a variety of adhesives and liners. Our pressure sensitive facestock offering includes:

  • Papers
  • Wine stocks 
  • Clear, white and metalized BOPP films
  • Clear and white PE films

These facestocks are available with permanent, removable and recyclable adhesives, and PET or paper liners. We run the thinnest PET liners, down to 0.75 microns.

We offer many sustainable label solutions, including labels that improve package recyclability, increase renewable and recycled content in your package, and help to reduce your carbon footprint. To explore each of these solutions in detail, please visit our Circular solutions hub.

Overlaminates are a thin plastic coating that protect the printed graphics from becoming damaged, while also providing a higher quality look and feel. Our offerings include matte, soft touch matte, and gloss.

We provide the widest design possibilities through differentiated press capabilities and printing techniques. Our complex decoration portfolio will bring your label to life:

  • Embossing and debossing
  • Hot stamp and cold foils, including holographic and colored foils
  • Tactile screens
  • Spot gloss, matte, and soft-touch matte varnishes
  • Glitter varnishes
  • Glow-in-the-dark inks
  • Unique die cuts
  • Double-sided printing
  • Sandwich printing

These can be achieved through traditional flexo stations or off-line digital printing. We can even print some embellishments variably.  

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