Food packaging

The ingredients for your specialty food items are carefully selected and thoughtfully produced. Make sure the packaging is a true reflection of the quality product inside. To get noticed on a packed shelf, packaging and labeling must stand out, while still communicating important information and adding functionality.


Choosing the right substrate, adhesive, and package decoration technology for your application is essential in this market. Heat, moisture, and refrigeration can impact the integrity of your label, as well as your brand. At the same time, labels play an important role in meeting food packaging regulation.



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label and packaging solutions that make your brand stand out

Our solutions

  • Appeal to sustainability-minded consumers with eco-friendly and recyclable materials
  • Highlight your quality ingredients with premium embellishments
  • Attract new customers with single-serve and on-the-go products with convenient stand up pouches, stick packs and sachets.
  • Protect your brand image with materials designed to withstand the environmental conditions it will be exposed to
  • Engage your target audience with multiple flavors, personalized messages, and interactive campaigns through variable data

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