Household products

Consumers use household products every day, and the brands they choose are those they trust most. These products are subjected to demanding environments—including heat, cold, and moisture—so extra durable labels are essential for protecting your brand.


With so many products competing for consumers’ attention in this category, making sure your product has maximum appeal is crucial. Brand loyalty has a strong influence, and labels need to balance aesthetics and durability. Sustainability and environmental concerns also have a growing impact on consumer decisions.



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label and packaging solutions that make your brand stand out

Our solutions

  • Drive consumer engagement through coupons, product sampling, and interactive labels
  • Appeal to sustainability-minded consumers with eco-friendly and recyclable materials
  • Create eye-catching labels with metalized inks or films
  • Meet regulatory label requirements with extended content labels
  • Ensure durability in any environment with scuff-resistant labels

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