Changing lifestyles and the growing awareness of health and well-being has made the nutraceutical market dynamic and fast-growing. Whether you’re looking to package dietary supplements, vitamins or powders – personalization, tamper evidence and recyclability all play a key role.


In a market characterized by an increasing consumer desire for variety and shifting regulatory standards, you need a print partner who can deliver a quality solution you can trust. Using the very latest tools and techniques, we help nutraceutical brands create packaging that balances aesthetics, performance, cost and sustainability.

Young woman pouring protein powder into a cup. Nutraceuticals packaging and labels
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Custom printed labels and packaging for nutraceuticals

Our wide portfolio of materials, packaging formats, and printing techniques help create a lasting brand experience. We offer a range of custom printed packaging formats — including sustainable flexible packaging, pressure sensitive labels, and shrink sleeves — for all of your nutritional supplement and vitamin needs. 

Range of flexible packaging for nutraceuticals. one stick pack. one stand up pouch for protein powder with tear notch and powder resistant zipper. one 3-side seal pouch for vitamin pack. one pillow pouch for protein puffs snack

Flexible packaging

Ideal for packaging protein powders and amino acids, on-the-go snacks, and product samples.

Range of nutraceutical pressure sensitive labels. Sustainable nutraceuticals labels and packaging

Pressure sensitive labels

Ideal for packaging vitamins, protein powders, herbal tinctures and other dietary supplements.

Range of shrink sleeves labels for nutraceuticals

Shrink sleeves

Ideal for on-the-go beverages, protein powders, and products that need tamper evidence.

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