Leveling the playing field

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Marz Community Brewing was founded on a simple premise: that the art, culture, food, and liquid they were drinking and enjoying would also be enjoyed by others.

Formed in 2013, Marz started as a small operation, bottling in bombers and hand-labeling out of a nano-production facility in Chicago. It took some trial and error before its founders realized they needed to do things a bit differently to compete with the larger breweries.

Togetherness, collaboration + beer

With a very art-driven team and a steadfast dedication to experimental collaboration, Marz continued to push the boundary of what American beer could be, putting unique flavors and creativity at the center of their product offerings.

Starting with a few dozen SKUs, Marz continued to grow. By 2018, the team expanded into a larger facility and started canning their beer. At their height before the pandemic, they were running 70+ SKUs a year, including two-dozen mainstays on rotation, and four new SKUs a month. To keep pace with this growing number of small-batch, handcrafted beers, Marz needed a print provider that offered complete design flexibility and quick turns at an affordable price.

Continuously innovating

Brewing has always been a hyper-competitive landscape. From the challenges the pandemic brought, to changes in drinking habits, Marz realized they needed to diversify to meet consumer demands.

Leaning on their community of talented brewers, designers, musicians, and other collaborators, Marz considered themselves among the first to introduce non-alcoholic options to the craft brewing market. This expansion included beverages such as coffee, tea, botanical seltzers, CBD-infused, hop and honey wate r. To label all of these innovations, Marz turned to Brook + Whittle’s Craft Beverage Rewards Program. For most runs, they utilize our 12 oz. size with a matte overlam.

“None of this would have been a possibility without Brook + Whittle’s Craft Beverage Reward Program and service team. It really looks out for the small guys – making it easy to do small runs at a reasonable price and affords us flexibility to change art on the fly. We also tend to run behind on art, so it’s great to have a quick turnaround,” said Ed Marszewski, President, Marz Brewing.

Our Craft Beverage Rewards Program allows breweries just like Marz to harness the power of short run digital printing, letting them get back to business and focus on bringing new products to market. The program offers easy to use templates, so your design team can easily create eye-catching graphics.

Interested in Brook + Whittle’s Craft Beverage Rewards Program?

We offer special pricing on eight label sizes, with pricing starting at just $0.05 per label.

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