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Brook & Whittle Is Responding To The Coronavirus

Note: The coronavirus outbreak is a fast-developing situation, and local health agencies should be consulted for the latest news and directives.

Brook & Whittle as a matter of principle, will always put the health, safety and security of our employees, customers and communities first. Our company’s approach to this difficult situation is grounded in our values, which puts people first and ensures we have the right preparations and plans in place.

We are carefully following government guidelines and monitoring both the World Health Organization and Center for Disease Control and Prevention websites. We have implemented a full action plan taking precautionary steps to do what we can to prevent the further spread of the virus.

Brook & Whittle has established a Coronavirus Task Force which is comprised of our Head of Environmental, Health and Safety as well as Key Executives. Significant milestones in our company’s response to coronavirus are outlined below and will continue to be updated.

Focus on All Facilities

All facilities have increased cleaning as well as the distribution of wipes and sanitizers. The task force has developed and communicated to all key management our plans to address any potential employee health issues.

Travel Guidance for Employees

A temporary travel restriction on nonessential travel has been implemented. Numerous meetings have been postponed and/or been arranged to be held virtually.

Guidance for Managers

We have held meetings with all key management and reviewed guidelines to address a variety of potential scenarios, with the goal of ensuring speed and consistency in their responses. As well as the priority to treat any affected employee with dignity and preserve confidentiality.


Our employees are our first concern; however, we are also communicating by sending notices to all key customers and venders regarding our response, expectation, information sharing and limiting of site visits. All sites have notices posted an all entranceways with instructions regarding entry.

Employee Support

Brook & Whittle has reviewed and are prepared to assist employees in the event of related illness, quarantine or other work disruption though policy and benefit provisions. We are also assisting our stakeholders, such as small agencies we work with through information sharing.

Last updated 3/12/2020

If anyone wishes information regarding the Coronavirus, we recommend reaching out to one of the following websites: