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PET recycling

PET is one of the most widely recyclable plastics, but components attached to these containers are seen as contaminates. We have worked diligently to provide best-in-class label materials that enable the ultimate recyclability of PET by ensuring our materials, adhesives, and inks are compatible in the recycling process. Our solutions for PET meet the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) Design Guide.

Better recycling

Strong yet lightweight, PET bottles are a popular choice for packaging in many industries including food, beverage, and health + beauty. To ensure recycled PET plastic makes it back into packaging, we need solutions that work with the current recycling system to increase the quality of recycled PET, not just delay the journey to the landfill

Brook + Whittle’s sustainable solutions

Brook + Whittle offers two sustainable label options—pressure sensitive labels and shrink sleeves—to help you maximize the recyclability of your PET packaging without polluting the recycling stream.

Key points:

  • Enable PET bottle recycling and keep quality PET circulating
  • Recognized by The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR)
  • Enhance recyclability, without compromising performance or aesthetics
  • Compatible with existing label application and filling equipment

Pressure sensitive labels

Our GreenLabel™ pressure sensitive solutions for PET pairs polyolefin (polypropylene or polyethylene) films with a recyclable wash-off adhesive. Our films are printed with approved alternative inks to create a completely sustainable labeling solution.

These labels are designed to work with the current recycling system, allowing the label to cleanly release from the PET flake, and yield higher quality PET for the recycler. This recycled PET can then be recovered and processed into new, clear packaging.


  • White, clear, and metalized rigid and semi-conformable films
  • Paired with rPET liners (30% to 90% post-consumer recycled)

Shrink sleeves

Our Crystallizable Shrink solution, suitable for any container shape utilizes our GreenLabel™ ink technology — a system that completely washes off the ground shrink flakes. These shrink sleeve labels will stay with the PET flakes during the recycling process, but the label’s ink releases from the PET shrink film, allowing both the label and bottle flakes to be recovered.


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