Labels + packaging

Even though we’re a leader in green labels, we know how to balance the economies, efficiencies, and market appeal of your packaging project. Our technology and high-speed printing can produce high-volume labels up to 40” wide, all with photo-quality, eye-popping graphics that will make your packaging leap off the shelves.

Pressure sensitive labels

One of the most popular labeling methods in the world, pressure sensitive labels (PSLs) are compatible with almost any container shape or product type. Our numerous material options offer unlimited possibilities to enhance your brand and products. Application is done by hand or machine, requiring only pressure to adhere, for a cleaner and more efficient labeling method.

Shrink sleeves

One of the fastest-growing labeling methods, shrink sleeve technology allows brand owners to maximize both shelf appeal and budget. With a wide variety of material options and the ability to conform to virtually any container shape, these versatile labels are expanding beyond food and beverage packaging, and are now emerging in the household, cosmetic, and pet food markets.

Heat transfer labels

For highly unique and permanent package decoration, custom heat transfer labels can provide a true “no label” look. This technology can be applied to up to 355° of the container surface and is available for a variety of packaging shapes and sizes. Heat transfer labels are an economical option that can produce a vibrant look for high-, medium- and low-volume requirements.

Flexible packaging

Due to its lightweight construction and ease of use, flexible packaging is making its way into every facet of our lives. Stand-up pouches, packets, and sachets provide a variety of options for packaging food, personal care, nutraceutical, and home care products. Consumers choose flexible packaging over traditional packages for its convenience, portability, and small footprint.

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