Circular solutions

Choose renewable

Choosing renewable solutions is an excellent way to drive the circular economy forward. We ensure our papers come from sustainably managed forests, with a goal to source 100% certified fiber by 2025. We also offer bio-based film solutions, which help reduce reliance on fossil resources.

An alternative to fossil fuels

Today’s sustainable brands are opting for solutions that enhance recyclability, incorporate recycled materials, and reduce material consumption. They are also looking at renewable alternatives to show care for people and the planet. Our solutions make it easy to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and lower your environmental impact.

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Brook + Whittle’s sustainable solutions

Brook + Whittle offers paper materials with a certified chain-of-custody. Although we are not chain-of-custody certified ourselves, we may seek that in the future.

We also offer bio-based pressure sensitive, shrink sleeve, and flexible packaging films from renewable alternative feedstocks.

Key points:

  • Ensure forest resources are managed sustainably
  • Reduce reliance on fossil resources
  • Lower environmental footprint

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