Giving back in more ways than one

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The “why” at WTRMLN WTR is much more than simply providing natural, fresh tasting and nutrient-packed juices to the US market. In fact, it goes much deeper than that – they want to support developing communities, help them thrive, and give back in every way they can. So, when they found out their previous labeling solution wasn’t as sustainable as it could be, they sought out Brook + Whittle to make a change.

Maintaining the fresh-picked taste

When WTRMLN WTR, who was recently aquired by the Dominican company Caribé Juice Inc, came to Brook + Whittle, their labels were printed on a polypropylene film with a permanent adhesive and applied to a PET bottle. Although this solution did not render the bottle unrecyclable, the WTRMLN WTR team hoped to find a solution that was APR Preferred for recyclability.

Another challenge, WTRMLN WTR uses high pressure processing (HPP) to extend the shelf life of their juices and to help maintain the integrity of the nutrients inside. Utilizing high levels of isostatic pressure, this cold pasteurization technique produces demanding conditions that the labels and bottles need to withstand.

This meant that we needed a solution that not only enabled recycling, but also stayed adhered throughout the intense HPP process.

Making the Switch

Because PET bottles are approved for use with HPP, WTRMLN WTR needed to stay with this package type for their product line. Working within these parameters, the Brook + Whittle team decided our GreenLabel™ solution for PET would be the perfect candidate.

This solution pairs a polypropylene film with a wash-off adhesive, allowing the label to cleanly release from PET during the recycling process. This keeps recyclable PET in the circular economy by enabling high value recycled content.

The end result for WTRMLN WTR was a fully recyclable package delivered to the consumer without compromising performance or aesthetics.

“Honestly, once we made the switch to Brook + Whittle’s GreenLabel solution for PET, we never looked back,” said Laina Ballantyne, Senior Director of Marketing for WTRMLN WTR. “It offered the best of both worlds.”

Want your labels to make a strong impression and make a difference? We’ll help you pick the solution that’s the best fit now while providing the tools, information, and partnership needed to advance your sustainability goals over time.

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