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Liner recycling

Liner is a byproduct of pressure sensitive label application, made primarily of paper or PET. Today, the majority of liner is landfilled in North America. However, we are working to flip the script by participating in cross-industry collaborative efforts with TLMI and CELAB. Through these efforts, we are seeking to increase recycling rates for liner. 

Promoting greater circularity​

Liner, in many applications, is a necessary material in pressure sensitive labels, acting as the carrier for the full-coverage adhesive and facestock. This material has long been landfilled due to the silicone release agent. Fortunately, there are recycling solutions available and we are working hard to develop circular solutions for paper and PET liner. 

Flexo press operator running pressure sensitive labels

Industry initiatives

We are part of a coalition of companies who are involved in the matrix and liner industry value chain, from raw material suppliers to recyclers. We are dedicated to building a sustainable self-adhesive labeling industry. 

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