Circular solutions

A circular approach to packaging can help contain our growing landfills, reduce reliance on fossil resources and lower our environmental impact. 

Our mission is for 100% of our customers to be using our most sustainable products.

We understand that kind of sea change can’t always happen overnight. We’ll help you pick the solution that’s the best fit now while providing the tools, information, and partnership needed to advance your sustainability goals.

PET plastic
Maximize the recyclability of your PET packaging with our APR Recognized solutions.
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HDPE plastic
Enable correct sortation and recycling of HDPE, without compromising performance or aesthetics.
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Liner is a significant waste stream. Find a recycling solution today.
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Enable recycling

Labels, inks and adhesives are all sources of contamination in the recycling process. That’s why we’ve taken the initiative to develop next-gen technologies that vastly improve package recyclability and promote conservation of resources.

Increase recycled content

Incorporating recycled content into your primary packaging is a great first step in improving the sustainability of your package. But did you know that recycled content labels can also help you reach your targets? Our recycled content solutions offer identical performance and aesthetics as our standard materials, ensuring your labels make a strong impression while making a difference.

Choose renewable

Choosing renewable solutions is an excellent way to drive the circular economy forward. We ensure our papers come from sustainably managed forests, with a goal to source 100% certified fiber by 2025. We also offer bio-based film solutions, which help reduce reliance on fossil resources.

Reduce your footprint

Looking for an easy place to start? We can help you lessen your plastic consumption by reducing the overall thickness of your label. Most automatic label application equipment can handle tolerances in both facestock and liner— and less weight means less raw materials.

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